welcome to our android project "Where's my Money"



the application "Wheres's my Money" for android-smartphones helps you keeping an overview over your dayly spendings.


minimal system configuration

  • smartphone with touchscreen
  • android 1.5 +
  • 150kB free memory


this app was developed at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) during a project called "Vom Spiel zur Wissenschaft" we highly appreciate emails with comments or / and suggestions. we like to know what would make this app more valuable to you! email


main features

  • different languages: e.g. English/German/French/Spanish/Italian/Arabic/Japanese/...
  • frequently spendings (every day/every week/every month)
  • fully costumizable categories
  • search your spendings by using the search-function
  • visible feedback of your actual financial state





links that helped us developing this app