Project Title: Advanced Graphics for Computational Electromagnetics on PCs


The graphic representation of electromagnetic fields in the three-dimensional space is a very demanding task because the field consists of six or more components, covers the entire space, and varies in time. Projections on one or several planes may give some insight but more sophisticated techniques are required for obtaining a deeper insight in electrodynamic phenomena. Modern personal computers are powerful enough for advanced animations, provided that the total number of pictures is sufficiently small because of limited storage. This condition can be met especially when the time dependence of the field is periodic. On one hand side, the periodicity allows to save memory, but on the other hand side, it requires more complex tools for playing such kind of movies. In the graphic platform of the 3D MMP code we have implemented a special meta language that simplifies the production of complicated movies consisting of several sequences that are repeated when the movie is played. In addition, we are developing a special movie player and archive tools for MMP movies. 3D MMP also provides features for simulating particle-field and particle-particle interactions. PCs are powerful enough for the direct visualization of the movement of particles. In addition to 'real' particles, we have implemented 'virtual' particles that allow to draw field lines and to study 'fictitious worlds' based on user-defined laws.

Contacts: Ch.Hafner, H.U. Gerber, IFH, ETZG95, ETH Zentrum, CH-8092 Zurich

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Index Terms: Graphics, Animation