Physical Modelling and Simulation of Micro and Nano Structures

Prof. Dr. Christian Hafner (IEF, ETH), Prof. Dr. Jasmin Smajic (HSR)

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Lecture plan 2014

Electromagnetics at IEF 2014 (Ch. Hafner)

Electromagetics primer (Ch. Hafner)

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Contents (PDF) Rev. 2

1. Electrostatic Field (PDF) Rev. 2

2. Stationary Current Distribution (PDF) Rev. 2

3. Magnetostatic Field (PDF) Rev. 2

4. Electrodynamics and Maxwell’s Equations (PDF) Rev. 2

5. Field Discontinuities, S-parameters and Lumped Element Representation (PDF) Rev. 1

6. Finite Element Method (FEM) for Electromagnetics (PDF) Rev. 2

7. Finite Difference Method (FDM) (PDF) Rev. 2

8. FEM for Mechanics (PDF) Rev. 2

9. FEM for Thermal Analysis (PDF) Rev. 2

10. Electromagnetic Compatibility in Micro- and Nano-Structures

11. Coupled Field Analysis (Electromagnetic-Thermal, Electromagnetics-Mechanic) (PDF) Rev. 2

12. Multiphysics Domain Compact Modeling

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Exercise 1, solution

Exercise 2, solution

Exercise 3, solution

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Exercise 5, solution, Comsol & Matlab Files

Exercise 6, solution, Comsol & Matlab Files

Exercise 7, solution, Comsol & Matlab Files

Exercise 8, solution

Exercise 9, solution, Comsol & Matlab Files

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