3rd Workshop on Numerical Methods for Optical Nano Structures

Monday, July 9 - Tuesday, July 10, 2007, ETZ E6

Sponsored by OptETH, SEREC, and Fred Tischer Lecture Series

Organizer: Ch. Hafner, Computational Optics Group, IFH, ETH

No registration required for attending the workshop. Time, location (proposed: Uto Kulm) and costs (expected: 60-100CHF) for the Monday evening dinner not yet available.

How to come to ETZ E6: ETZ ist the "Elektrotechnik" building of ETH Zurich, located Gloriastrasse 35. It is most convenient to come by public transportation: Tram 6 from "Bahnhofstrasse" or "Central" (both near Zurich main station) or Tram 5 from "Bahnhof Enge", "Bellvue" (near the lake) direction "Zoo", exit at "Voltastrasse", walk a few meters back to the ETZ building (highest building near the tram stop). The room E6 is on the main entrance level E. If you come by car, Either follow "Rämistrasse" from "Central" upwards towards "Zoo" (turn right at the University of Zurich) or "Universitätsstrasse" from "Irchel" towards "ETH", "Universität", "Bellevue" (turn left after you passed ETH, in front of the University of Zurich). Then, you follow Gloriastarsse after around 100 m ther is a left turn and after again 100 m there is a sharp right turn. In order to come to the ETZ building parking garage, you must cross Gloriastrasse directle at the right turn. Be careful, because you must cross the tram rails! To get access to the parking garage, you first must go to the "Hausdienst" at the entrance of the ETZ building on the E floor and tell them that you are visitor and need temporary parking.

Special section on Numerical Methods for Optical Nano Structures in the Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience (CTN, see http://www.aspbs.com/ctn/): All authors contributing to the workshop are kindly invited to submit full papers for the CTN journal. Submit the corresponding manuscripts to Christian.Hafner@ifh.ee.ethz.ch before end of September 2007. Note that the special issue based on contributions of the 2nd Workshop, 2006 is contained in the CTN journal, vol. 4, no. 3, May 2007.



Monday, July 9

10:00-10:10    Opening remarks (V. Sandoghdar, Ch. Hafner)

Time Domain Methods (Chair: V. Sandoghdar)

10:10-10:40    M. Agio: The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method in Nano-Optics (Abstract, full Presentation)

10:40-11:00    A.Rennings, D. Erni, I. Wolff: Time domain simulation of surface plasmons and their utilisation in compact optical devices (Abstract)

11:00-11:20    N. Moll, S. Schönenberger, T. Stöferle, R.F. Mahrt, B.J. Offrein: Circular Grating Resonators as Nano-Photonic Modulators (Abstract)

11:20-11:40    P. Ma: Coupled-cavity slow light waveguide for TM-polarized light (Abstract)

11:40-12:00    M. H. Eghlidi: General Solution of Wave Equation in Inhomogeneous One-Dimensional Optical Structures by Using Differential Transfer Matrices (Abstract)

12:00-12:20    W. Nakagawa, Ch. Hafner, and H. P. Herzig: Numerical investigation of polarization characteristics of apertureless SNOM probes (Abstract)

Boundary methods (Chair: M. Agio)

14:00-14:30    R. Hiptmair: Galerkin boundary element methods for scattering (Abstract, full Presentation)

14:30-14:50    L.N. Illyashenko-Raguin: Spectral boundary integral equation method for the characterization of novel photonic nanostructures (Abstract, full Presentation)

14:50-15:20    J. Renger, S. Grafström,  M. U. González, R. Quidant, L. M. Eng: Modelling SPP excitation, propagation, and interaction for 2D nanooptical components (Abstract)

15:20-15:40    N. Talebi, M. Sahabadi: Application of the generalized multipole technique to the computation of the complex propagation constant of plasmonic waveguides (Abstract, full Presentation)

15:40-16:10    Coffee break

16:10-16:40    Ch. Hafner: MMP simulations of plasmonic optical waveguides and antenna structures (Abstract, full Presentation)

16:40-17:00    T. Sannomiya, Ch. Hafner, J. Vörös: Localized surface plasmon resonance of optically coupled metal particles (Abstract, full Presentation)

17:00-17:20    D.Kakulia, D. Karkashadze, G.Ghvedashvili, K.Tavzarashvili, Ch. Hafner: MAS approaches for computer simulation and design of metamaterials in microwave and optic frequency range (Abstract, full Presentation)

17:20-17:40    K.Tavzarashvili, Ch.Hafner, R.Vahldieck: Application of Model-Based Parameter Estimation for fast frequency
response calculations (Abstract, full Presentation)

Evening: Dinner at Uto Kulm (for those who registered, departure directly after the session, Tram 6 to Bahnhofstrasse, S10 from Zurich main station to Üetliberg - leaves 18:06, 18:36, every 30 minutes -, short walk to Uto Kulm)


Tuesday, July 10

Various methods and applications (Chair: C. Fumeaux, D. Erni)

08:20-08:50    C. Fumeaux, K. Sankaran, D. Baumann, R. Vahldieck: EM-simulations with the Finite-Volume Time-Domain Method (Abstract, full Presentation)

08:50-09:20    T. Sondergaard: Greens function integral equation methods for plasmonic nano structures (Abstract, full Presentation)

09:20-09:40    A. Fallahi: Frequency Selective Surfaces with Inhomogeneous, Periodic Substrates: Analysis and optimization (Abstract, full Presentation)

09:40-10:00    D. Gerace, L.C. Andreani: Theory of photonic crystal slabs by the Guided-Mode Expansion method (Abstract, full Presentation)

10:00-10:30    Coffee break

10:30-11:00    R. Vogelgesang: Scanning Nearfield Optical Microscopy -- Challenges and Solutions (Abstract, full Presentation)

11:00-11:30    M. Bergmair, K. Hingerl: Surface States and Flat Bands in One- and Two-Dimensional Metallic Photonic Crystals (Abstract, full Presentation)

11:30-11:50    P. Mack, D. Hermann, M. Schillinger, S. Mingaleev, C. Wolff , K. Busch: Designing Photonic Functional Elements Using Wannier Functions (Abstract, full Presentation)

11:50-12:10    H.E. Tureci, L. Ge, S. Rotter, A.D. Stone: Spatial Structure of Non-linear Modes in Random Lasers (Abstract)

12:10-12:30    J. Smajic, Ch. Hafner, K. Tavzarashvili: FEM, MMP, and MAS analysis of CPP-enhanced optical antennas (Abstract, full Presentation)

12:30-12:50   P. Ferrandi: Mathematical and numerical modeling of self-aggregating nanostructured materials for photonics (Abstract, full Presentation)

Finite Element Methods (Chair: J. Smajic)

14:00-14:30    J. Pomplun: Finite element methods for Maxwell's equations (Abstract, full Presentation)

14:30-14:50    K. Schmidt, P. Kauf: Computation of the band structure of two-dimensional photonic crystals with high order finite element (Abstract, full Presentation)

14:50-15:10    B. Kettner, F. Schmidt, L. Zschiedrich: Simulation of resonance modes in pillar-type cavities using finite element methods (Abstract, full Presentation)

15:10-15:30    R. Kappeler: Computation of optical losses of photonic crystal waveguides using 3D FEM simulations (Abstract, full Presentation)

15:30-16:00    Coffee break

16:00-16:20    F. Roemer, L. Balet, A. Fiore, B. Witzigmann: Optimizing the Farfield and Purcell Factor of Photonic Crystal (Abstract)

16:20-16:40    B. Oswald, P. Leidenberger: 3-dimensional finite element time domain analysis of an optical near-field configuration (Abstract, full Presentation)

16:40-17:00    P. Leidenberger, B. Oswald: 3-dimensional finite element time domain model of electromagnetic scattering at a nanometer-sized dispersive particle (Abstract)

17:00-17:10    Closing remarks (Ch. Hafner)


Cancelled presentation

D. Pasalic: Theoretical investigation of UTC TWPDs with near ballistic electron transport (Abstract)


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