4th Workshop on Numerical Methods for Optical Nano Structures

Monday, July 7 - Tuesday, July 8, 2008, ETZ E6; optional short course Wednesday, July 9, 2008, ETZ K91

Keynote talks on plasmonics

Optional events


 OptETH, MRC, SEREC, Fred Tischer Lecture Series


Ch. Hafner, Computational Optics Group, IFH, ETH


How to come to ETZ E6: ETZ ist the "Elektrotechnik" building of ETH Zurich, located at Gloriastrasse 35. It is most convenient to come by public transportation: Tram 6 from "Bahnhofstrasse" or "Central" (both near Zurich main station) or Tram 5 from "Bahnhof Enge", "Bellevue" (near the lake) direction "Zoo", exit at "Voltastrasse", walk a few meters back to the ETZ building (highest building near the tram stop). The room E6 is on the main entrance level E. If you come by car, either follow "Rämistrasse" from "Bellevue" upwards towards "Zoo" (turn right at the University of Zurich) or follow "Universitätsstrasse" from "Irchel" towards "ETH", "Universität", "Bellevue" (turn left after you passed ETH, in front of the University of Zurich). Then, you follow Gloriastrasse after around 100 m there is a left turn and after again 100 m there is a sharp right turn. In order to come to the ETZ building parking garage, you must cross Gloriastrasse directly at the right turn. Be careful, because you must cross the tram rails! To get access to the parking garage, you first must go to the "Hausdienst" at the entrance of the ETZ building on the E floor and tell them that you are visitor and need temporary parking.

Special section on Numerical Methods for Optical Nano Structures in the Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience (CTN, see http://www.aspbs.com/ctn/): All authors contributing to the workshop are kindly invited to submit full original papers of their work for the CTN journal. Submit the corresponding manuscripts to Christian.Hafner(at)ifh.ee.ethz.ch before end of September 2008. Note that the special issue based on contributions of the 2nd Workshop, 2006 is contained in the CTN Journal, vol. 4, no. 3, May 2007. The special issue based on contributions of the 3rd Workshop, 2007 will be contained in the CTN Journal, vol. 5, 2008.


Monday, July 7

09:10-09:20    Opening remarks (Ch. Hafner)

Invited Keynote Talks (Chair: Kurt Busch)

09:20-10:00    Vahid Sandoghdar, H. Eghlidi, N. M. Mojarad, G. Zumofen, S. Götzinger, M. Agio: Optimizing the interaction of light and matter using plasmonics (Abstract)

10:00-10:40    Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi: NanoPlasmonics: Mega-Fields and Nano-Guides (Abstract)

10:40-11:20    Esteban Moreno: Guiding and Focusing of Plasmons (Abstract)

11:20-12:00    Lukas Novotny, Stefano Palomba: Nonlinear Plasmonics (Abstract) (Full presentation)

Plasmonics (Chair: Daniel Erni)

13:50:14:10    Aytac Alparslan: Thickness Dependent Behavior of Surface Waves and Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Layered Media (Abstract)

14:10-14:30    Y. Ekinci, M. Agio, A. Christ, O. J. F. Martin, H. H. Solak, J. F. Löffler: Energy and lifetime of the electric and magnetic resonances of gold-nanosandwich metamaterials (Abstract)

14:30-14:50    Nahid Talebi, M.Shahabadi: Plasmonic couplers (Abstract) (Full presentation)

14:50-15:10    Nassir Mojarad, V. Sandoghdar, M. Agio: Plasmon excitation of nanospheres by tightly focused beams (Abstract)

15:10-15:30    Takumi Sannomiya, Ch. Hafner , J. Vörös: Sensitivity study of a plasmonic gold nano particle by observing single particle binding event (Abstract)

15:30-16:00    Coffee break

16:00-16:20    Kakhaber Tavzarashvili, D. Karkashadze, G. Ghvedashvili, Ch. Hafner: MAS for eigenvalue problems of plasmonic structures (Abstract)

16:20-16:40    Patrick Leidenberger, J. Smajic, Ch. Hafner, B. Cranganu-Cretu: Analysis of Channel Plasmon Polaritons Enhanced Optical Nano Antennas (Abstract) (Full presentation)

16:40-17:00    Michael Bergmair, K. Hingerl: Coupled Surface States in Thin, Frequency Dependent Layers (Abstract) (Full presentation)

17:00-17:20    Andreas Hille, R.Kullock, T.Göhler, S.Grafström, L.M. Eng: Plasmon enhanced external quantum efficiency of LEDs (Abstract)

Evening: 18:00-??:?? Apéro and BBQ on the roof of the ETZ / ETL building


Tuesday, July 8

Photonic crystals and various applications (Chair: Mario Agio)

08:40-09:00    P. Friedli, R. Kappeler, P. Kaspar, H. Jaeckel: Electrical Characterization of Active Photonic Crystals (Abstract)

09:00-09:20    R. Kappeler, P. Kaspar, P. Strasser, H. Jäckel: The Importance of Understanding Losses in Photonic Crystal Waveguides for Communication Photonics (Abstract) (Full presentation)

09:20-09:40    C. Fraschina, S. Duetsch, P. Strasser, R. Kappeler, H. Jaeckel: Optimization of Photonic Crystal Waveguides forOperation in the Slow Light Regime (Abstract) (Full presentation)

09:40-10:00    Vincent Paeder, Q. Tan, W. Nakagawa, I. Märki, H. P. Herzig: Design of a tunable photonic crystal cavity in a liquid crystal environment (Abstract)

10:00-10:30    Coffee break

10:30-10:50    Irina Khromova, L. Melnikov: Anisotropic photonic crystals: Brilloiun zone symmetry and generalized plane wave method (Abstract)

10:50-11:10    Friedhard Römer, Bernd Witzigmann: Spectral and Spatial Emission Properties of Photonic Crystal Microcavities (Abstract)

11:10-11:30    Igor Meglinski, M. Kirillin, B. Veksler, A. Lemelle: Optical Coherence Tomography imaging contrast enhancement with the application of gold nano-particles (Abstract)

11:30-11:50    Ralf Vogelgesang, Klaus Kern: Analytical Models for the Recorded Signal in Apertureless Scanning Nearfield Optical Microscopy (Abstract)

11:50-12:10   Christian Engström: Wave propagation in photonic crystals with anomalous dispersion (Abstract) (Full presentation)

Numerical methods (Chair: Jasmin Smajic)

13:20-13:40    J. Smajic, Ch. Hafner, L. Raguin, K. Tavzarshvili, M. Mishrikey: Comparison of numerical methods for the analysis of plasmonic structures (Abstract) (Full presentation)

13:40: 14:00    Kurt Busch, Jan Gieseler, Michael König, Jens Niegemann, Kai Stannigel, Lasha Tkeshelashvili: Higher-Order Time-Domain Methods for the Analysis of Nano-Photonic Systems (Abstract)

14:00-14:20    Thomas Kaufmann: Radial Point Interpolation Method: A Meshless Method for Time-Domain Electromagnetics (Abstract) (Full presentation)

14:20-14:40    Philipp Kreuter, Bernd Witzigmann: Combined analytical-FDTD full wave simulation of mode-locked vertical-extended-cavity semiconductor lasers (Abstract)

14:40-15:00    Ahmad Mohammadi, M. Agio: Dispersive contour-path FDTD algorithm for modeling plasmon resonances in metal nanostructures (Abstract)

15:00-15:30    Coffee break

15:30-15:50    Benedikt Oswald, P. Leidenberger: Electromagnetic fields scattered by subwavelength-sized tip Finite element time domain (FETD) model with a dispersive Drude dielectric (Abstract) (Full presentation)

15:50-16:10    H. Eghlidi, Ch. Hafner, M. Agio: Symmetry of Maxwell Equations in Structures with Electric and Magnetic Properties (Abstract)

16:10-16:30    Matthew Mishrikey, A. Fallahi, Ch. Hafner, L. Braginsky, V. Shklover, R. Vahldieck: Effective index appproximations of graded porous metamaterials (Abstract) (Full presentation)

16:30-16:50    D. Karkashadze, K. Tavzarashvili, D. Kakulia, G. Ghvedashvili, Ch. Hafner: MAS Simulation and Design of Metamaterials (Abstract)

16:50-17:10    Xudong Cui, D. Erni, Ch. Hafner: MMP simulation of optical forces acting on a metallic nanoparticle within a photonic nanojet (Abstract)

17:10-17:20    Closing remarks (Ch. Hafner)


Wednesday, July 9

Short course on MaX-1 software for plasmonics and optical nano structures

9:15-16:00, ETZ K91

Ch. Hafner


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