6th Workshop on Numerical Methods for Optical Nano Structures

Monday, July 5 - Tuesday, July 6, 2010 + short course Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ETH Zurich, building ETF, room  C1

Keynote talks (Monday)

Additional events

Short course on time domain methods for optical nano structures (Wednesday)


Ch. Hafner, Computational Optics Group, IFH, ETH




 OptETH, SEREC, Fred Tischer Lecture Series


How to come  to ETF C1: ETF is the "Elektrotechnik Forschung" building of ETH Zurich, located at Sternwartstrasse. For those who attended the Workshop last year: It is the building where the BBQ took place. It is most convenient to come by public transportation: Tram 6 from "Bahnhofstrasse" or "Central" (both near Zurich main station) or Tram 5 from "Bahnhof Enge", "Bellevue" (near the lake) direction "Zoo", exit at "Voltastrasse", walk 50 meters back and turn right into Sternwartstrasse. The next entrance to the right ist the main entrance of ETF. If you come by car, either follow "Rämistrasse" from "Bellevue" upwards towards "Zoo" (turn right at the University of Zurich) or follow "Universitätsstrasse" from "Irchel" towards "ETH", "Universität", "Bellevue" (turn left after you passed ETH, in front of the University of Zurich). Then, you follow Gloriastrasse after around 100 m there is a left turn and after again 100 m there is a sharp right turn. In order to come to the ETZ building parking garage, you must cross Gloriastrasse directly at the right turn. Be careful, because you must cross the tram rails! To get access to the parking garage, you first must go to the "Hausdienst" at the entrance of the ETZ building on the E floor and tell them that you are visitor and need temporary parking. Note that the ETF building is aside ETZ.

Hotels When you search for a hotel near ETH, try the following and ask for special rates for guests of ETH: www.st-josef.ch, www.hotelbristol.ch, www.zuerich-hotels.ch, www.hotelbasilea.ch, www.leoneck.ch, www.hotelastorzurich.ch, www.comfortinn.ch, www.hotelsunnehus.ch, www.leonardo-hotel-zurich.com, www.plattenhof.ch. You may also search on: http://hotels.zuerich.com/

Special section on Numerical Methods for Optical Nano Structures in the Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience (CTN, see http://www.aspbs.com/ctn/): All authors contributing to the workshop are kindly invited to submit full original papers of their work for the CTN journal. Submit the corresponding manuscripts to Christian.Hafner(at)ifh.ee.ethz.ch before end of September 2010.

Preliminary Schedule

Monday, July 5

Morning: Keynote talks, Chair: Benedikt Oswald

 8:30 - 8:40     Christian Hafner: Opening remarks

 8:40 - 9:10     Achim Hartschuh: Tip-enhanced near-field optical microscopy of single nanostructures (Abstract)

 9:10 - 9:50     Vahid Sandoghdar: Plasmonic manipulation and focusing of light at the nanoscale (Abstract)

 9:50 -10:30    Philippe Lalanne, J.P. Hugonin: Understanding nanophotonic devices with modal methods (Abstract)

10:30-11:10    Hirofumi Yanagisawa, Jürg Osterwalder, Matthias Hengsberger: Optical control of field emission sites (Abstract)

11:10-11:50    Daniel Erni, Thorsten Liebig, and Jürg Fröhlich: Numerical Structural Optimization in Microoptics and Nanophotonics (Abstract)

11:50-12:30    Kurt Busch, Jens Niegemann, Michael König, Christopher Prohm, Richard Diehl, Paolo Longo, Regine Frank, Elisabeth Blank: Advanced material models for nano-plasmonics within a DGTD framework (Abstract)

12:30-14:00    Lunch break

Afternoon: Plasmonics, Chair: Daniel Erni

14:00-14:20    Yasin Ekinci, Reto Giannini, Shankar K. Jha, Yogesh Jeyaram, Arda Kiristopuryan, Jörg F. Löffler, Pratap K. Sahoo, Harun H. Solak, Hans Sigg, Thomas Sigfried, Christian David, Sergey Gorelick, and Birgit Päivänranta: Novel plasmonic nanostructures for biosensing and metamaterials (Abstract)

14:20-14:40    Weihua Zhang, Olivier J. F. Martin: Optical trapping and sensing with plasmonic antennas (Abstract)

14:40-15:00    Ralf Vogelgesang, Christian Hafner: Regularly spaced metal nanoparticle chains embedded in nanotubes (Abstract)

15:00-15:20    Benedikt Oswald, Patrick Leidenberger: Array Concepts for Optical Antennas - Revisiting Traditional Antenna Architectures (Abstract) (Presentation)

15:20-15:40    Xuewen Chen, Hadi Eghlidi, K.-G. Lee, Stephan Götzinger, Vahid Sandoghdar: Interface enhanced optical antenna for efficient and ultrahigh resolution fluorescence spectroscopy (Abstract)

15:40-16:00    Coffee break   

16:00-16:20    Andreas Hille, René Kullock, Stefan Grafström, Lukas M. Eng: Calculating Second Harmonic Generation of Metallic Nano-structures Using Curved Elements (Abstract)

16:20-16:40    Christian Engström: On resonances in metallic photonic crystals (Abstract)

16:40-17:00    Jasmin Smajic, Christian Hafner: Modelling of optical waveguides with radiation loss (Abstract) (Presentation)

17:00-17:20    Lutz Langguth, Harald Giessen: Coupling in metamaterials (Abstract)

17:00-17:20    Jasmin Smajic, Christian Hafner, Dirk Baumann: Simulations of Optical Plasmonic Nano-Antennas (Abstract) (Presentation)

Evening: 18:00-??:?? Apéro and BBQ on the roof of the ETF building


Tuesday, July 6

Morning: Numerical Methods, Chair: Jasmin Smajic

08:30-08:50    Ralf Vogelgesang: Smooth morphing of the unit circle into simple polygons enclosing star domains, and their application to finite and infinte rods (Abstract)

08:50-09:10    R. Kappeler, K.Schmidt, P.Kaspar und H.Jaeckel: Comparing Different Methods for Computing Photonic Bands (Abstract)

09:10-09:30    Michael König, Kurt Busch, Jens Niegemann: Complementary Solvers: From DGTD to the Frequency-Domain (Abstract) (Presentation)

09:30-09:50    P. Leidenberger, P. Schönle, Ch. Hafner: Simulations of a Dielectric Slot tip for Scanning Near-Field Microwave Microscope (Abstract)

09:50-10:20    Coffee break

10:20-10:40    Jan Pomplun, Sven Burger, Lin Zschiedrich, Frank Schmidt: Reduced basis method for fast and robust simulation of parametrized nano-optical systems (Abstract) (Präsentation) (Link: http://www.jcmwave.com/)

10:40-11:00    H. Li, A. Rieder, K. R. Hiremath: Numerical Solutions to Time Domain Maxwell’s Equations with Adaptive Wavelet Collocation Method (Abstract) (Presentation) (Animation1, 2, 3)

11:00-11:20    D. Kakulia, G. Ghvedashvili, D. Karkashadze, K. Tavzarashvili, Ch. Hafner: The MAS approach for modeling 3D periodic structures (Abstract)

11:20-11:40    Aytac Alparslan, Christian Hafner: Layered media Green's functions: A new expansion for OpenMaX (Abstract)

11:40-12:00    Kai Sandfort: A fast solver for the periodic Lippmann-Schwinger equation (Abstract) (Presentation)

12:00-12:20    Mengyu Wang, Christian Engström, Kersten Schmidt, Christian Hafner: On high-order FEM applied to canonical scattering problems in plasmonics (Abstract) (Presentation)

12:20-13:20    Lunch break

Afternoon: Various Applications and Methods, Chair: Christian Engström

13:20-13:40    T. Weiss, N. A. Gippius, G. Granet, S. G. Tikhodeev, H. Giessen: Resonant mode coupling of optical resonances in stacked nanostructures (Abstract)

13:40-14:00    Valeria Lotito, Urs Sennhauser, Christian Hafner: Numerical analysis of novel SNOM tip configurations (Abstract)

14:00-14:20    Anna Mustonen, Paul Beaud, Eugenie Kirk, Thomas Vogel, Thomas Feurrer, Benedikt Oswald, Soichiro Tsujino: Ultrafast laser-induced electron emission from metallic nano-tip arrays (Abstract)

14:20-14:40    Markus Richter: Maximizing Band Gaps in Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals (Abstract)

14:40-15:00    Nikolay Komarevskiy, Valery Shklover, Christian Hafner: Optimal design of reflecting photonic systems for reentry applications (Abstract)

15:00-15:30    Coffee break

15:30-15:50    Sven Burger, Lin Zschiedrich, Jan Pomplun, Frank Schmidt: FEM simulations of nanocavities for plasmon lasers (Abstract)  (Präsentation) (Link: http://www.jcmwave.com/)

15:50-16:10    Kirankumar R. Hiremath, Jens Niegeman, Kurt Busch: Comparative study of semi-analytic coupled mode method and Discontinuous Galerkin Time Domain method for light propagation in slot microresonators (Abstract)

16:10-16:30    Thomas Zebrowski: Simulation of liquid crystal based fiber devices with the Fourier modal method (Abstract)

16:30-16:40    Christian Hafner: Closing remarks


16:50-18:00    OpenMaX User's Meeting


Wednesday, July 7, 9:00 - 17:00

Short course on time domain methods for optical nano structures


 9:00 -10:00    Frank Demming: Simulation of nano optical devices in Time and Frequency Domain using CST MICROWAVE STUDIO

10:00-11:00    Sven Friedel: Time domain EM wave computations with COMSOL Multiphysics

11:00-12:00    Stefan Schild: SEMCAD

12:00-13:00    Lunch and discussions


13:00-13:40    Benedikt Oswald, Patrick Leidenberger: The Finite Element Time Domain Method in Electrodynamics - With an Emphasis on Nano-Optics

13:40-14:20    Dirk Baumann: Finite Volume Time Domain

14:20-15:00    Jens Niegemann, Michael König, Richard Diehl, Christopher Prohm, Paolo Longo, Elisabeth Blank, Kurt Busch: The Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Method - Introduction and Recent Progress

15:00-15:40    Thomas Kaufmann: Going Meshless: An Introduction to the Radial Point Interpolation for Time-Domain Method

15:40-...:...      Discussions and closing remarks


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