7th Workshop on Numerical Methods for Optical Nano Structures

Monday, July 4 - Tuesday, July 5, 2011 + short course Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ETH Zurich, building ETZ, room E6

Keynote talks (Monday)

Additional events

Short course on boundary discretization methods (Wednesday)


Ch. Hafner, Computational Optics Group, IFH, ETH




 SEREC, Fred Tischer Lecture Series


How to come  to ETZ E6: ETF is the main "Elektrotechnik" building of ETH Zurich, located at Gloriastrasse 35. It is most convenient to come by public transportation: Tram 6 from "Bahnhofstrasse" or "Central" (both near Zurich main station) or Tram 5 from "Bahnhof Enge", "Bellevue" (near the lake) direction "Zoo", exit at "Voltastrasse". The ETZ is the biggest building next to the tram stop. If you come by car, either follow "Rämistrasse" from "Bellevue" upwards towards "Zoo" (turn right at the University of Zurich) or follow "Universitätsstrasse" from "Irchel" towards "ETH", "Universität", "Bellevue" (turn left after you passed ETH, in front of the University of Zurich). Then, you follow Gloriastrasse after around 100 m there is a left turn and after again 100 m there is a sharp right turn. In order to come to the ETZ building parking garage, you must cross Gloriastrasse directly at the right turn. Be careful, because you must cross the tram rails! To get access to the parking garage, you first must go to the "Hausdienst" at the entrance of the ETZ building on the E floor and tell them that you are visitor and need temporary parking.

Hotels When you search for a hotel near ETH, try the following and ask for special rates for guests of ETH: www.st-josef.ch, www.hotelbristol.ch, www.zuerich-hotels.ch, www.hotelbasilea.ch, www.leoneck.ch, www.hotelastorzurich.ch, www.comfortinn.ch, www.hotelsunnehus.ch, www.leonardo-hotel-zurich.com, www.plattenhof.ch. You may also search on: http://hotels.zuerich.com/

Special section on Numerical Methods for Optical Nano Structures in the Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience (CTN, see http://www.aspbs.com/ctn/): All authors contributing to the workshop are kindly invited to submit full original papers of their work for the CTN journal. Submit the corresponding manuscripts to Christian.Hafner(at)ifh.ee.ethz.ch before September 15, 2011.


Monday, July 4

Morning: Keynote talks, Chair: Christian Hafner

  8:30 - 9:00     Coffee

 9:00 - 9:20     Christian Hafner: Opening remarks

 9:20 - 10:00   Igor Tsukerman: From Analytical to Numerical Methods and Back: Trefftz Schemes, Whitney Forms, and Metamaterials (Abstract) (Presentation)

 10:00-10:40   Vadim Markel: Metallic Nanopartcicle Chains as Optical Waveguides (Abstract) (Presentation)

 10:40-11:20   David Norris: Thermal Plasmonics as a Route to Photovoltaics? (Abstract) (Presentation)

 11:20-12:00   Bernd Witzigmann: Nanowire Arrays for Solid State Lighting and Photovoltaics (Abstract) (Presentation)

12:00-13:30     Lunch break

Afternoon: Discontinuous Galerkin and FEM, Chair: Christian Engström, Benedikt Oswald

13:30-13:50    Jens Niegemann, Christian Matyssek, Wolfram Hergert, Kurt Busch: Calculation of Electron Energy Loss Spectra (EELS) using the Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Method (Abstract) (Presentation)

13:50-14:10    Christian Engstrom: Discontinuous Galerkin methods for scattering problems in nano-optics (Abstract) (Presentation)

14:10-14:30    Elisabeth Blank, Kurt Busch, Willy Dörfler, Michael König, Jens Niegemann: Discontinuous Galerkin Method for BOR Maxwell's Equations (Abstract) (Presentation)

14:30-14:50    Richard Diehl, Michael König, Kurt Busch, Jens Niegemann: Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Simulations of Maxwell's Equations on GPUs using OpenCL (Abstract) (Presentation)

14:50-15:10    Sascha Schnepp: A Discontinuous Galerkin Method with Dynamic hp-Adaptation for Time-Domain Electromagnetics (Abstract) (Presentation)

15:10-15:30    Benedikt Oswald, Arya Fallahi: The 3-Dimensional Frequency Domain Discontinuous Galerkin Method - With an Emphasis on Nano-Optics - (Abstract) (Presentation)

15:30-16:00    Coffee break

16:00-16:20    Arya Fallahi, Benedikt Oswald: The 3-Dimensional Element Level Time Domain Method - With an Emphasis on Nano-Optics - (Abstract) (Presentation)

16:20-16:40    A. Hille, C. Prohm, J. Niegemann, S. Grafström, K. Busch, L. M. Eng: Second-Harmonic Generation from Metallic Nanostructures (Abstract) (Presentation)

16:40-17:00    Reto Giannini, Yasin Ekinci, Christian Hafner, Jörg F. Löffler: Decoupled plasmon resonances in metallic nanoparticles (Abstract) (Presentation)

17:00-17:20    Mengyu Wang, Christian Engström, Kersten Schmidt, Christian Hafner: Adaptive Finite Element applied to plasmonics (Abstract) (Presentation)

17:20-17:40    Mark Blome, Sven Burger, Frank Schmidt: Modeling of complex 3D Metamaterials using Computer Aided Design techniques (Abstract) (Presentation)


Evening: 18:00-??:?? Apéro and BBQ on the roof of the ETF building


Tuesday, July 5

Morning: Boundary discretization and other methods, Chair: Jasmin Smajic

 8:40 - 9:00     Yuri Eremin, Natalia Grishina: Plasmonic Resonance of touching particles analysis via Discrete Sources Method (Abstract) (Presentation)

 9:00 - 9:20     N. Talebi, M. Shahabadi: Analysis of the nonlinear Rayleigh scattering from metallic nano-particles using GMT in an iterative algorithm (Abstract) (Presentation)

 9:20 - 9:40     Aytac Alparslan, Christian Hafner: Complex Origin Layered Media Green’s functions for the MMP analysis ofphotonic structures (Abstract) (Presentation)

 9:40 -10:00    Giorgi Ghvedashvili, Kakhaber Tavzarashvili, David Karkashadze: MAS Simulations of optical antenna structures (Abstract) (Presentation)

10:00-10:20     Sahar Sargheiny: Pseudospectral Methods (Abstract) (Presentation)

10:20-10:40     Coffee break

10:40-11:00     Andrey Petukhov: Mathematical Modeling of Waveguides Containing Local Inhomogeneous Insets with Fractal Construction (Abstract) (Presentation)

11:00-11:20     Ali Naqavi, Vincent Paeder, Karin Söderström, Franz-Josef Haug, Toralf Scharf, Hans Peter Herzig, Christophe Ballif: Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis of thin film solar cells based on gratings (Abstract) (Presentation)

11:20-11:40    Nikolay Komarevskiy: Design of reflecting photonic structures for space applications (Abstract) (Presentation)

11:40-12:00    Jens Küchenmeister, Thomas Zebrowski, Sabine Essig, Kurt Busch: Generation of adaptive coordinates for the Fourier Modal Method (Abstract) (Presentation)

12:00-12:20    Carlo Forestiere, Giovanni Iadarola, Luca Dal Negro, Giovanni Miano: Near-field calculation for non-spherical nanoparticle arrays in the framework of the T-matrix method (Abstract) (Presentation)

12:20-13:40    Lunch break

Afternoon: Various Methods and Applications, Chair: Jens Niegemann

13:40-14:00    Ralf Vogelgesang: On Topological Insulator and Tellegen Materials (Abstract) (Presentation)

14:00-14:20    Jan Renger, Srdjan Acimovic, Muamer Kadic, Guillaume Dupont, Sébastien Guenneau, Stefan Enoch, Romain Quidant: Towards Plasmonic Metasurfaces (Abstract) (Presentation)

14:20-14:40    Valeria Lotito, Urs Sennhauser, Christian Hafner: Focusing properties of SNOM probes with adirectional asymmetries (Abstract) (Presentation)

14:40-15:00    Jasmin Smajic, Christian Hafner: Design of a SNOM Tip based on a partially cladded fiber - 2D Waveguide Analysis and 3D Tip Analysis (Abstract) (Presentation)

15:00-15:20   Christoph Böcklin: Modelling Light Propagation in Tissue with Monte-Carlo Simulations (Abstract) (Presentation)

15:20-15:40   N. Talebi, M. Shahabadi, W. Khunsin, R. Vogelgesang: Finite-difference analysis of a finite metallic array over a waveguiding structure (Abstract) (Presentation)

15:40-16:00   Mohamad Hojeij, Benedikt Oswald, Andreas Lieb, Yasin Ekinci, Jens Gobrecht: Design and Fabrication of Resonant Nanostructures for Fluorescence Enhancement or Field enhancement of nanostructured pillars : Calulations and applications (Abstract) (Presentation)

16:00-16:20   Hua Guo, Benedikt Oswald, Peter Arbenz: 3-Dimensonal Eigenmodal Analysis in Electromagnetics - With an Emphasis on Nano-Optics - (Abstract) (Presentation)

16:20-...:...     Discussions and closing remarks


Wednesday, July 6, 9:00 - 17:00

Short course on boundary discretization methods

  8:30 - 9:00    Coffee

  9:00-10:00    Ralf Hiptmair: Frequency domain BEM (Abstract) (Presentation)

10:00-11:00    Igor Tsukerman: Singularity-free Boundary Methods for Electromagnetics and Photonics (Abstract) (Presentation)

11:00-12:00    Daniel Weile: A Practitioner's View of Time Domain Integral Equations for Electromagnetics (Abstract)

12:00-13:00    Lunch break

13:00-14:00    Ruben Esteban, Javier Aizpurua: The Boundary Element: A powerful tool to simulate optical properties of nanoantennas (Abstract)

14:00-15:00    K. Tavzarashvili, G. Gvedashvili, D. Kakulia, D. Karkashadze: Method of Auxiliary Sources for optical nano structures (Abstract) (Presentation)

15:00-16:00    Christian Hafner: Advances in MMP and OpenMaX (Presentation)

16:00-...:...      Discussions and closing remarks


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