GGP's Menus

The GGP menus are File, Actions, Options, Window, Help.


The File menu

This menu is mainly used for reading (Open...) data from and writing (Save...) data to the following files ASCII text files:
Function files (Extension FUN) contain data of one or several functions
Approx(imation) files (Extension APP) contain system data for GGP approximations
Basis files (Extension BAS) contain data of a GGP basis for approximating a function
Pool files (Extension POO) contain the data of a pool of basis functions
Window files (Extension WIN) contain data of a CH Graphics window
Palette files (Extension PAL) contain data of the color palette

Last, but not least, click the last File menu item Exit for terminating your GGP session.


The Actions menu

This is the main menu for running GGP. If you select one of the Actions items, GGP will display some dialog boxes that allow you to specify the details of the corresponding action.

Compute function GGP can compute several series expansions and functions specified in the menu Options, Series and formula.

Clear window Clears the actual CH Graphics window (only one available in the Demo Version)

Draw function Draw the actual function with the options set in the menu Options, Function representation and Graphic window.

Modify function Allows you to modify the data of the actual function in the CH Graphics window with the mouse.

Approximate once Approximate the actual function with the actual basis and parameters defined in the menu Options, Basis.

Best approximation During the approximation of a given function in an infinite loop, GGP saves the best solutions on basis files.

Start approximation Start the approximation of the given function. This will be done in an infinite loop that can only be stopped by you!

Stop approximation Stop the approximation now.


The Options menu

Beside the Actions menu, this is the most important GGP menu. It allows you to set many system parameters that can have a big influence on the performance of GGP and on the outfit of the GGP Graphics. When you select any of the items of the Options menu, a Dialog box containing the corresponding data will pop up.

Approximation Contains the main data (system parameters) for the GGP approximation of a given function

Basis Contains the data of the actual basis function(s)

Constants and Operations Contains the definitions of the implicit constants (terminals) and the probabilities for the elementary functions/operators that can be used for constructing a formula.

Fitness definitions Contains the various definitions of GGP's fitness functions.

Pool Contains the data of the actual pool.

Function representation Contains the data for the graphic representation of the actual function.

Graphic window Contains the data of the actual CH Graphics window.

Series and Formula Contains the data for computing series expansions and user defined formula.


The Window menu

In addition to the items Cascade, Tile, Status bar that are known from most Windows NT/95 applications, this menu contains several items for handling the CH Graphics window(s) and the corresponding color palette. The Demo Version accepts only one such window. Moreover, the color palette is of no importance for GGP. Thus, you can forget the Window menu.


The Help menu

This allows you to read the About box. Since the GGP help is in HTM form, you can forget the Help menu.


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