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Composite Doped Metamaterials (CDMs)

INIT Project 2004-2007 of the ETH Zurich

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Build a bridge from fundamental research on metamaterials to engineering applications

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Photonic Crystals - a simple type of CDMs

The behavior of photonic crystal structures is often counter-intuitive. Design rules and guidelines are currently missing. To test your intuition and ability to find design rules, we prepared a Java applet of a simple photonic crystal structure. Try our Java applet! Therefore, our favorite way to design photonic crystals structures consists of several steps: 1) First idea, based on experience and intuition. 2) Numerical analysis of the first concept, including sensitivity analysis. 3) Rough optimization of defects in the initial photonic crystal. 4) Fine optimization based on the sensitivity analysis of the best solutions found in step 3.

In order to give you a better impression how photonic crystals work, we have prepared some movies for you. Watch our movies!