Esteban Moreno Soriano

used the 2D MMP features of MaX-1 for computing various applications of Computational Optics.


Download (PDF, 6.7Mbytes)

Examples for MaX-1 users

Note: Version 2 of MaX-1 required for running these examples

Waveguide couplers

Coupler 1 (ZIP file 278 kbytes)                                    Coupler 2 (ZIP file 272 kbytes)

Photonic crystals

Band structure (ZIP file 52kbytes)                                Defect waveguides (ZIP file 263kbytes)

Diplexers (ZIP file 2.2Mbytes)    More structures (AVI movies without MaX-1 project files, ZIP file 2.1Mbytes)

Surface plasmons

Tube (ZIP file 46kbytes)                                                2 Cylinders (ZIP file 159kbytes)

Cylinder on substrate (ZIP file 69kbytes)                        Grating (ZIP file 94kbytes)