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Dr Jasmin Smajic


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Research field:

1. Numerical calculation of the electromagnetic field 

(Algorithm and software development)

2. Optimization

Numerical methods:

1. FEM

2. MMP


Current research project:

MMP and FEM modeling and optimization of the photonic crystals

                           Photonic crystals numerical simulations   Electromagnetic field visualizations   Curriculum Vitae   List of publications

                               1. Perfect crystal band structure

                               2. PCs waveguide analysis

                               3. PCs waveguide discontinuities                                                             

                               4. PCs sharp bend design and optimization

                               5. PCs T-junction design and optimization

                               6. PCs antenna (free space termination at optical frequencies) 

                               7. Numerical analysis of PC optical fibers


                           Research initiative - Composit Doped Metamaterials


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