Projekt: ANT FARM

  The Ant Farm Problem

The ant farm problem


Results of the project


About Ourselves

The purpose of the ant farm problem is to watch, how an ant colony will evoluate in many environments.

Our ants will have many factors:
  • their number.
  • the number of pheromons they carry.
  • the way they leave their pheromons on the playground when they find food or not.
  • the pheromone rate they leave on the playground.
  • the rate of pheromones that they take from the field which they are walking on.
  • the mode of choosing their way.
  • a mutation constant due to their species.

The environment in our simulation will have the following caracteristics:
  • its size.
  • the number of obstacles on the playground.
  • how much food is on the playground and its repartition.