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About Ant Farm:
  • Israel Wagner's Home Page: Ants, Robots and Computation. On that site you can find many ant farm simulators, the applications of ant farm problems in real life. Sir Israel Wagner helped us on our project, because we used a part of one of his ant farm simulation to draw the playground.

  • Artificial Ant Farm: is a site where we find an ant farm simulation and what is the ant farm problem.

  • Behavior of real ants tells us about the way the ants search food, how they avoid obstacles...

  • Marco Dorigo is the inventor of the Ant Colony Optimization metaheuristic for combinatorial optimization problems and he is a research director of the IRIDIA lab at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

  • A Revire of a new Computational Paradigm: Ant Colony Optimization System. Step by step, that site tells you what is ant colony optimization and which are the method to optimize an ant colony algorithm.

  • Neurobiologie de la Memoire. That french sites tells us how neurotransmettors and physiotransmettors work on the brain.

About Chaos:
  • The applied chaos laboratory (ACL) of Georgia Tech was founded in July of 1993. The research here is directed by Dr. W. Ditto. It covers a broad range of analysis and application of chaotic behavior...

  • University of Texas: An interactive introduction for everyone to Chaos Physics and Chaotic Motion in Classical and Quantum Mechanics.

  • The Chaos MetaLink is a resource for the Chaos community and all those interested in Chaos and things fractal. Bringing Chaos to the Web since 1995.

  • The Chaos Research Group studies nonlinear dynamics and chaos in engineering systems.

  • This page is a part of The Chaos Hypertextbook, A four chapter book, fully updated and enhanced for the web. The theory behind the sumptuous images and mathematical jargon tossed about in popular...

  • A Theory of Everything Virtual Chaos Copyright 1995-2000 VirtualChaos.Org. All Rights Reserved. Void where Prohibited. "More than at any time in history mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness.

  • FRACTAL CHAOS Crashes the Wall between Science and Religion As Above, So Below Web Dedicated to the Fractal Use of Science and Math to Realize the Infinite The new discoveries of the Science of Chaos, and the Scientists in this field.

  • Make a journey into the depth of the mandelbrot set and discover the "Beauty of Chaos" using our database with over 500 pictures. You may find some of these and other images in their original size.

  • The Chaos Game: The Sierpinski triangle. (Next Section) Chaos in the Classroom (Cover Page) Chaos in the Classroom (Previous Section) BU Math Home Page The Chaos Game One of the most interesting fractals arises from what Michael Barnsley has dubbed "The Chaos Game".

  • Symmetry, Chaos and Field Homepage: Welcome to Mike Field's Homepage Alleged sighting not far from Hadrian's wall. I am Mike Field, sometime Australian and also Professor of Mathematics at the University of Houston. My primary research interests lie in ergodic theory, coupled cell systems.